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My name is Laura and I am a wedding photographer in Vero Beach, Florida. I have an amazing husband, two awesome boys and a beautiful step daughter!

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My favorite part of wedding photography is getting the chance to capture the love of a couple sealing their fate and preparing for the rest of their lives. I also love capturing mom and dad being so proud and your wedding party having fun. Yes, I cry at every single wedding. I put my self deep into my emotions for every wedding so I can really tell your story through pictures! I truly believe that I have to feel what you are feeling in order to capture those emotions in a still image. This is why I require an engagement session with each couple so I can understand your dynamic and we can get to understand each other. This is a huge help on your wedding day!

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I have always been into the idea of being a professional photographer. I have pictures from a disposable camera I had as a kid of my stuffed animals styled and posed. I found pictures I took of kids I used to baby sit with cute outfits on in different backgrounds, I just loved the art of it!


I went to school for Psychology, so I could do something “practical”. Well, I have that degree just sitting there while I live out my dreams! My husband encouraged me to do whatever I wanted, whatever I loved. He bought me a Nikon for my birthday in 2014 and that’s where it all started! I started giving away free photography to build a portfolio. Meanwhile, I was constantly reading about photography and taking photography classes.

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I have grown substantially with my husbands support and I love that I get to live out my dream!

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The first wedding I did, I was nervous, tired and discouraged! I felt like I did such a bad job and I swore I would just stick with portrait photography from then on. Well, my clients ended up really happy, it was really rewarding and a great confidence booster. I had someone ask me to do a wedding for them two months later and I was still nervous about the idea of someones most precious memories being in my hand, but I did it. I was much better prepared for this wedding and had a much better time! I was still tired after, but the pictures turned out great!

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Then I had two more wedding request and I took them with more confidence than the first two. After those two weddings, I fell in love with the idea of being a wedding photographer! I knew this was what I wanted to do! I felt like it was my photography calling, if that’s a thing! So from here I decided to start the transition to weddings only. I am currently in the portfolio building stage which means I have great prices!

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That’s my story so far! I hope that a year from now I can say “I am a full time wedding photographer!”

Thanks for reading all about me!