Chris and Cathie

chris-and-cathi-(131-of-650)Meet Chris, Cathie and the truck!! This is an adorable little threesome…I mean couple!

chris-and-cathi-(77-of-650)I learned very quickly, that this truck was to be honored! He said, she has to be willing to marry me and the truck. So, we had a lot of fun using the truck as a prop and watched Chris show this truck some true love. Then we moved past his truck baby and that is where I saw what he truly loves.



Cathie, thankfully, is his true love. He could not keep his hands off of his soon to be wife!



There was no looking off in the distance for him, he had much better things to look at!

chris-and-cathi-(362-of-650)There was also no such thing as a soft kiss for a picture. He couldn’t help him self! Which is why I had to show off this picture which was taken right before the “soft kiss”! 😉



Even when they were around his truck, he really did have his eyes on her! This is a fun moment after he whispered something in her ear that I dare not ask!

chris-and-cathi-(589-of-650)Even when I was trying to get a picture of just her, he couldn’t help but to sneak in for a quick kiss!

chris-and-cathi-(540-of-650)Of course when I was trying to get a picture of just him, she had to take the picture from him! These two are so much fun!!

chris-and-cathi-(517-of-650)As you can see here, I did get the picture of just him, but he still is looking at his bride only!

chris-and-cathi-(255-of-650)Aren’t they a gorgeous couple though!!

Wedding-EnhancerOf course they have a beautiful ring to match!

chris-and-cathi-(357-of-650)We had a really good time at their engagement session and I simply cannot wait until their wedding!!! I cant imagine the amount of love that will be in Chris’s eyes when he sees Cathie in her wedding dress! Congratulations you two!!!











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