Brian and Amandas Wedding

Brian and Amanda’s Wedding

Brian and Amanda had an absolutely amazing wedding day! I met them some time ago at a Panera with their wedding coordinator and I knew I would love this couple! We got together a week or two later for their engagement session and they were easy to photograph. Their love for each other is so apparent, it made my job easy!Amanda-and-Brian-(557-of-574)



They chose to have their wedding at The Mansion at Tuckahoe, this is a beautiful venue and your options for customizing its look seem to be endless! They keep their venue mostly blank, allowing you to have the exact wedding you want. Amanda and Brian wanted a vintage wedding and that was possible due to all of the room and empty space to bring in everything she wanted. The outside of the Mansion at Tuckahoe has a perfect lawn and beautiful flowers and trees through out the property which makes for a peaceful setting and great backgrounds for wedding pictures!

engagement session jensen beach

This ended up being one of the smoothest weddings I have attended, which surprised me because there were so many moving parts. I would have to credit their wedding coordinator, Valerie. Venues by Valerie really impressed me. Valerie is a very personable, sweet person but she still has that oomph that you need to boss a few people around! She planned a wedding that involved every type of vendor you could think of, she stayed on top of each of us and was sure that we had everything we needed. She seemed to think of everything and I didn’t see her bothering the bride much at all on the actually wedding day. This kept Amanda stress free since Valerie did all of the work and knew exactly what Amanda wanted before the big day.

Onto the wedding day!

When I got there the first thing I saw was Amanda receiving her wedding gift from Brian. Girl got a Ducati….she was so excited and in tears!


Then it was back upstairs to get ready! The girls where laughing all day while they spent hours getting ready.


Of course the guys were laughing all day while they took shots because it doesn’t take hours to get ready when you have short hair and don’t need makeup!

Photo Credit: YNot Digital


Rumor is though, it took Brian about 40 minutes to get his hair done! I guess it takes time to have an awesome man bun!

Photo Credit: YNot Digital

It was time to get dressed and her wedding dress, provided by Molle Bridal was perfect. It was the absolute perfect mix of modern and vintage beauty.



I had to hang it from the balcony as scary as it was!


Of course it looked even better on her because she owns a cross fit gym which means the girl is fit! She also had it altered by Susanne at la petite fleur couture bridal salon, so it fit her to perfection!



Lets back up to these accessories! They are so classy and beautiful!


Then the shoes!



Thankfully she had these lovely ladies to help her get into them!



I need to take a minute to talk about this hair! She had such a unique hair style thanks to Kelly Haggerty!


She seriously went above and beyond and worked her butt off doing everyone’s hair and makeup. She was sure to make everyone look flawless! Then she put fresh flowers in Amanda’s hair, absolutely perfect!



Speaking of flowers, all of the beautiful greenery and colorful flowers were provided by Misty Rose Flowers. She provided very unique bouquets and table decor, it was perfect!



I also have to mention the plethora of vintage eye candy provided by Kathy Peterson.  She did not miss a single room in this mansion! Even the bathrooms were vintage. I was overwhelmed with the amount of vintage beauty at this wedding!

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I caught Amanda peeking out the windows many times as she started towards the ceremony. She had a huge smile on her face and was full of excitement and butterflies! She did have some Stress Away on her wrist to smell through out the day so she stayed pretty calm!



She took the ride around the round-about to the ceremony in this very vintage 1918 Ford something…I could have the year wrong but it was old and it was awesome. She looked like a Queen in this car!



Onto the ceremony. Everyone looked perfect, everyone was there in time and it was beautiful! Venues by Valerie ran this wedding with absolute perfection!



Look at those beautiful vintage doors provided by True Love Decor Vintage!




Look at this view offered by the Mansion at Tuckahoe!

Photo Credit: JennT Photography


They exchanged these beautiful wedding rings…yes, his ring is wood, I love it!


Photo Credit: JennT Photography


Then they had this picture perfect first kiss! No detail was missed at this wedding!




We took some pictures after the ceremony of this perfectly coordinated group! These awesome groomsman suites were provided by Cardita Formal Wear.


Photo Credit: YNot Digital





Then we got the whole family together in the “pink room”, which was beautifully designed, just for the bride, by Kathy Peterson Inspired Vintage Weddings!


Then we broke off from the group and allowed the newly weds some alone time….with the camera still there of course!



After he swept her off her feet we went over to those amazing vintage cars they had parked!

Ramsey-Wedding-(1109-of-2223)They had some fun on the balcony…



They shared a few sweet moments…

Photo Credit: JennT Photography

Then we went over the their favorite spot in the Mansion at Tuckahoe. This side balcony offers the best view! This balcony is also where blue bridals set up a cigar bar for the reception!


The sun was setting and the band was playing. Ryan & Friends happen to be playing something soft and beautiful, creating the perfect moment for these love birds!



After Amanda and Brian had some real alone time, without the camera, they had this perfectly choreographed first dance! Megan at Fred Astar Dance studio did an awesome job with this first dance! Once again, picture perfect in every way!


Ramsey-Wedding-(1491-of-2223)The reception was decorated and staged perfectly. Sweet and Fancy Cake Boutique delivered a combination of cupcakes and a small cake to cut. Yes, some of these cupcakes are in tea cups!


Photo Credit: JennT Photography

The cake sat on top in all of its glory.

Wedding-EnhancerThese flowers were of course edible and delicious!






Every cupcake had a different, perfectly formed, sugar flower or other decoration, it was really unique and tasty!



This wedding was full of beautiful things and beautiful people! They had great food, provided by Charlie’s Bar and Grille and of course, an open bar! It was truly an amazing day!



Congratulation Amanda and Brian, may your love last for an eternity!



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