Bridal Sessions


The Traditional Bride

The Traditional Bride I covered the Vintage Bride, the Boho Bride and the Country Bride! Now onto the Traditional Bride! The traditional bride. She is simple and beautiful. She will wear a full length dress with a train and fluff.   She will have a classy hairstyle to compliment her traditional […]

country bride

The Country Bride

The Country Bride So far I have covered the Vintage Bride and The Boho Bride, now onto the Country Bride! The Country Bride is going to be wearing boots! Boots are a sure thing for the Country Bride! The Country Bride will not go with out the boots! Did I make […]

boho bride

The Boho Bride

The Boho Bride Last time I featured the Vintage Bride, now it is onto the Boho Bride! What is a boho bride? I consider them easy going, free loving and adventures! There are a few things that will be sure to make you a boho bride! The head band! Boho brides […]

Vintage Bride

The Vintage Bride

The Vintage Bride There are many types of brides and I want to take some time to feature each one of them! I am going to start with the vintage bride! A vintage bride in my mind is one that wears an old style dress with prominent make up, a big […]