The Boho Bride

The Boho Bride

Last time I featured the Vintage Bride, now it is onto the Boho Bride! What is a boho bride? I consider them easy going, free loving and adventures! There are a few things that will be sure to make you a boho bride!

Boho bride

The head band! Boho brides almost always wear a headband. It usually consist of flowers and is placed on top of long flowing hair that is left down in a natural way.

boho bride photographer

A boho bride often has very light, natural makeup. It shows off their natural glow and beauty but still gives them that extra special look on their wedding day!

boho bride photography

The dress is flowing and very often an off white or a tan. It is complimented with either very relaxed shoes or no shoes at all!

boho bridal session

The location is going to be outside in a beautiful location full of growth!

photographer florida

There is a touch of whimsy with every boho bride. When looking at them you will see happiness and feel a sense of peace.

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The pictures will show off their cute and fun loving side by using their natural smile and outdoor props!


I had such a great time with this boho bride! Megan Carver did an amazing job on hair and makeup as always!


But what does this bride look like behind the scenes….. Take note to the families lack of shoes because that’s my favorite part! Talk about a boho family!





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