The Greiner Family

Family Portraits

I had an awesome time with this sweet family!



Dad and son were the typical male at any photo session, they weren’t crazy about the idea of smiling and just wanted you to take the pictures! So, I had to work extra hard to bring out their soft sides!Greiner family photography


Mom and daughter however let their sweetness shine the whole time!

Greiner family photography


This family was so much fun. Their kids have no spouses or children keeping them busy yet so these four are very close!

Greiner family photography

In the end I really grew to love this family. They have such a sweet demeanor to them, you just can’t not love them!



I explained to them how much I love Spanish moss, its so pretty! Dad agreed and wanted some shots in front of it!

Greiner family photography

They are also animal lovers like me, so I didn’t feel to silly when I had the un-resistible urge to take pictures of these guys!

I really enjoyed working with them, I am so glad they called me!! Good luck on your move Greiner family!!

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