The Country Bride

The Country Bride

So far I have covered the Vintage Bride and The Boho Bride, now onto the Country Bride!

country bride

The Country Bride is going to be wearing boots! Boots are a sure thing for the Country Bride! The Country Bride will not go with out the boots! Did I make my point there?! Other than boots, they will usually have a more relaxed dress.




The country brides hair hairstyle will most likely be down with curls, something unique but not to fancy.


Her make up will be soft. Seriously, how beautiful is she!!


Her scene will have things that scream country. Like an old wooden building that I will most definitely use to in pictures!


Chickens maybe…. Even a rooster with this bride!


In this case, a canoe next to this amazing back yard lake!

country bride

Dirt roads…I love dirt roads! She walked towards me like a runway model, confident and beautiful!


Every country wedding scene is different yet distinct.


The scene may change but the brides don’t. They are all sweet and smiley and love to have fun!



We had so much fun doing this country bride photo session!! Thanks Kristi, you’re beautiful!



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