Brittnay and AJ round 2

Brittnay and AJ are so much fun to hang out with we had to do another engagement session! Their first engagement session came out beautifully but, there were a few things that made me think we should do this again. It was HOT the first time. We were bathing in our sweat by the end. It was a super bright day so their blue shirts were putting a blue tint on their faces and we never made it over to the proposal location because we were dead by the end from the heat!

Me being me, I said, “Can we please do this again?!” ┬áThey happily agreed since I’m awesome to hang out with of course!

We met at Tradition Square again and got started on round 2! I loved this brick area from the last session so we were sure to get right to it!




An engagement session, a wedding, marriage….its all about her right! That’s what I always tell the grooms and most of them already know that! But here is a picture that’s all about him! How handsome is he!


These two are so perfect! They have such a strong, easy going love for each other!




I was taking this picture and I just had to stop for a minute to say, he really loves you Brittnay! Apparently she already knew that!

wedding photography

On our way to the proposal spot we had to stop on this adorable bridge.

engagement photographer

Then we arrived and I asked AJ how he proposed. He brought Brittnay there to walk just like they always did. He had family members there and his friend playing the guitar. As they approached the gazebo the guitar music started and Brittnay was confused as to why everyone was there. Then he got down on one knee and said a few things and she said yes!! How sweet is that! I just loved their story so I said, “Oh that’s so sweet, go do it again!”

Proposal photographer

We ended the day at the town hall as it got dark. I cant wait to see them get married! Congratulations on finding something so special within each other!

wedding photographer



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