The Traditional Bride

The Traditional Bride

I covered the Vintage Bride, the Boho Bride and the Country Bride! Now onto the Traditional Bride!

The traditional bride. She is simple and beautiful. She will wear a full length dress with a train and fluff.



She will have a classy hairstyle to compliment her traditional gown.


She will have simple make up that enhances her natural beauty for her groom.

Bridal-Sessions-(796-of-891)There will usually be a beautiful veil.


There will almost always be a big smile.


She will have special things for you to capture. Traditions are big with her!



Of course there is always an amazing ring no matter what kind of bride you are!



This traditional bride has a different story! This bridal session was done for her 10 year wedding anniversary!

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This pearl necklace that she wore has an amazing story! Her dad came from Japan as a kid to stay with his pen pal. As a thank you his mother sent the family hosting him a pearl necklace. This bride even has the original packaging!

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One of my favorite parts of this bridal session…getting her daughter into her wedding dress! Megan Carver, my favorite hair and make-up artist, spent a quick 5 minutes with her for hair and make-up and she felt so special! Then mom got her in her dress and put her jewelry on!

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Then she got to play model! She didn’t play for to long though because it only took her about 10 minutes to realize the dress was too hot and too heavy and she couldn’t walk with out falling! But when she was in that dress it was just to precious!

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Her daughter enjoyed helping mommy get dressed too!



I had a great time getting her into her dress for her 10 yr anniversary! I guess bridal session aren’t just for the newly weds!


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