James – Senior Portraits

James – Senior Portraits

I cannot believe it is already time for senior portraits again!! I got to start the 2016 school year with my cousin James!

James-(202-of-442)He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania so he knew he wanted pictures on the beach! We went to the Jetty in Fort Pierce, Florida to catch the sunrise for these picture!



James goes to a challenging Catholic school in the city which means he is probably tearing apart my blog for grammatical errors right now! I never claimed to be a writer, just a photographer! He had three outfits he wanted to wear starting with a white shirt and blue jean shorts that he was very proud to say he made himself!

James-(56-of-442)Then he changed into nice khakis and this blue and white shirt that made him look even more like a model then he did in the first outfit!



Then he had to rock the pink shirt! A real man can wear pink and James has certainly grown to be an awesome man!



James wants to be a sports broadcaster. This means he has to go to school for journalism and learn the ins and outs or reporting. Again, not excited about him reading my little blog here! He has already toured a few colleges and has the ball rolling as he starts his senior year of high-school! My Aunt Bern seriously raised him right. He is smart, mature, respectful and so handsome!

James-(325-of-442)She looked at him with so much pride through the entire photo shoot. My Aunt Bern is a no joke, serious, down to business type lady so seeing this soft, proud side of her was awesome!

But, seriously, look at this face….

James-(426-of-442)Who couldn’t love that face!

Congratulations James! Its your last year in the rough Catholic school system, keep up the good work!

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