Shamara Knowles

I was so excited to get this call from Shamara Knowles. She was releasing a new single and she needed me to take a picture for her album cover! I have taken pictures of Shamara before while she was preforming and I am so glad she called me for this! We decided to meet at sunrise on the Jetty in Fort Pierce, FL.



We started off in the sand. Seriously, look at her face, she’s beautiful!!



We moved over to the rocks after getting some amazing shots on the sand. I knew she would get a little wet on the rocks so it was the perfect transition before getting into the water!




Shamara was such a natural, even though she claimed to be bad at this! She is a performer, its in her blood! Her pictures were easy and fun!



We moved into the water. I had a feeling the water shots would be our favorite and they were!

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If you think her pictures are beautiful, you need to hear her voice!


She also has an amazing record producer, Spit Fiyah, I hear so many good things about them! Check out their site and see their amazing work! You can find Shamara on their site here!


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