Kayla and Joey

Kayla and Joeys Engagement Session

Meet Kayla and Joey! Kayla sent me down a long road in the middle of no where to her perfect location. First thing I have to talk about is this bridge. I drove up to this bridge, stopped and said a prayer before moving on! Seriously, this is a wooden bridge patched with wood!_DSC0468

Once I got past that I looked around and she was right, this was her perfect location for her engagement pictures! They have chosen a very country theme and this location was country! There was beautiful wood everywhere and they brought bullets for their ring shot, a wagon wheel for a prop and an old truck to lay on! My favorite thing about Kayla was her ideas! I love a client with her own ideas! Notice I say her because its usually not him with the ideas!


We started on the old bridge, that I was just as scared to walk on as I was to drive on! There I captured this amazing moment! Oh the peace she feels next to him!


Then we moved over to this dirt path where we had some fun letting Kayla drag Joey around! I felt like she was being a little nice. She didn’t do much dragging!


Then Kayla told me about this little cut off, so we went there. We found this tree with this beautiful moss hanging down so we put the wagon wheel in the back and captured some beautiful moments here! I mean, seriously, the wagon wheel looks like it was there the whole time!



Then Joey pulled the truck around and helped his bride onto the hood for this fun moment! Love the creativity of this engagement shot!



Then, we thought we were sealing the session with this beautiful kiss…..




But, we got surprise visitors on our way out! Three matinees were just hanging out by the bridge. What a great ending to this Engagement Session!



Congratulations Kayla and Joey on your engagement. I cant wait for wedding!


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