Brittnay and AJ

Brittnay and Aj’s Engagement Session

Meet Brittnay and AJ! These two were so much fun. Im not sure I have ever laughed at a photo shoot as much as I did with these two.


The start of this shoot was…..challenged. The sun was way to bright! After this session I am officially starting photo sessions an hour later. Seriously, since when does the sun go down at 8:20 pm!

Where we planned to start was occupied by another photographer, so we started on this lovely walkway….



We made our way over to a bench and took a few shots as we awaited our turn under the gazebo where another photographer was taking pictures of an adorable little girl!





We made our way into the gazebo. Its such a nice place, I almost wanted to make them dance in the center of this stage!



We then made our way over to look at the fountain. Honestly, I think we were mostly walking around wasting time waiting for the sun to get tired!


Then came this brick road…looks peaceful right! Well, this was fun to say the least. When I was canvasing the area earlier, there was not ever one car on this road. Now that we were here, we got in about 3 shots at a time before almost getting ran over. It reminded me of “Wayne’s World”, Game on! Game off! Game on! This was hilarious, but they were great sports and allowed me to get this beautiful shot!



At this point we are really having fun! They were relaxed and enjoying the shade under this really neat brick building.



It was time to get a ring shot. I still had this idea that they should have been dancing in the gazbo so I may have tricked them into a dance pose before actually getting the ring!!



Then I actually got the ring shot! Which is beautiful because that ring is amazing!



I cannot wait to see this lovely lady as a bride!!




It was hot, it was bright, we were tired. But, nothing stopped their love from glowing in each and every picture!




Congratulations Brittnay and AJ, I cant wait for your wedding!!









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