Tabitha and Daniel

Tabitha and Daniel’s Engagement Session

I met this family in a great wooded area. There were so many pretty things around I was sure to capture a good amount of the background in many of their pictures. We started at the lake with the whole family. These kids loved the camera!


Seriously, how sweet are these kids!


Tabitha and Daniel met on New Years Eve and formed a great friendship and partnership.


Daniel had a daughter and Tabitha had a son, and although their kids might not enjoy watching them kiss, this is really meant to be. They were brought together to be a perfect family.


They have decided to make it official in December this year! It will be a beautiful Christmas themed wedding with silver, red and black accents.


Daniel found me this flower to put this beautiful ring on!


Then he presented one to his bride…

engagement photographer

And like father like son….he felt the need to do the same! This was Actually going on behind me! So stinking cute!


Then we walked down the pathway. Yes, they just naturally walk like this  of course! (Just Kidding)


We ended up under this amazing tree with this moss hanging down and I just had to capture it!


On the way back to the car I did what I always do and stopped the for “one last” pose! If you have ever been on a photo shoot with me you know the last pose doesn’t come until we are in our cars!


Then we sealed this engagement session with kiss just like they will seal their marriage in December.


Congratulations Daniel and Tabitha!!




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