Amanda and Brian

Amanda and Brian’s Engagement Photography

Meet Amanda and Brian! These two are so amazing and I instantly fell in love with them!! I knew the minute I met them that I would love working with them. They are super fun and easy going. I had the please of doing their engagement photography!

Amanda-and-Brian2-(557-of-574)They are having a vintage wedding, decorated by Kathy Peterson Inspired and coordinated by Venues by Valerie, at The Mansion at Tuckahoe in Jensen Beach, Florida!


So, we met there for their engagement ssession and this venue is amazing!

engagement session jensen beach


We ventured to every area of this property and it did not disappoint. They have this beautiful bricked round about…



This patio area with an amazing view…


These grassy steps..


And spiral stair cases…


These two had so much fun dancing, kissing and just purely loving each other.


And dancing some more…


They practiced their first kiss in the exact spot their first kiss will happen! Capturing their engagement photos at their wedding venue was a great idea!

first kiss photo

She even got him on his tippy toes!


Every time Brian’s job was to simply look at Amanda, I could tell that he enjoyed nothing more than watching her smile.


They have been together for 9 yrs and they still have that glowing light around them that tells everyone how happy they are to be with each other.


Their wedding is going to be absolutely amazing with attention to each precious detail! I am so excited to be their wedding photographer!


Congratulations Amanda and Brian, I cant wait to watch you seal your happiness next year!


22 thoughts on “Amanda and Brian”

  1. Oh Laura the pictures turned out great! I’m so happy I found you and will definitely recommend you again.

  2. They are such a cute couple! It looks like they had so much fun during their engagement session! I love that they had their portraits made at their wedding venue – very cool!

  3. Wonderful images, location choice and wardrobe. I love these. And he kinda reminds me of Opi from SOA with his awesome man bun!

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