The Vintage Bride

The Vintage Bride

There are many types of brides and I want to take some time to feature each one of them! I am going to start with the vintage bride! A vintage bride in my mind is one that wears an old style dress with prominent make up, a big fancy up do and a simple yet bold bouquet. This vintage bridal session was so much fun!!

This bride is very vintage!

vintage bride

She went with dark red lips and neutral yet dark eyes that showed up beautifully for her photo session!

vintage bridal session


To compliment her lips, she went with one single red rose with some babies breath, wrapped in pearls. I wasn’t sure how this would look as a bouquet but now that I see it in pictures, I love it!

vintage bride photography

Her hair was big with gems and designs on the side. How talented was hair and makeup?! I’m in love with this hair style!

vintage bride hair

She wanted to match her vintage look with straight faces and bent elbows, so we went that route almost the whole time. We had fun doing some artist like poses to really capture the theme she was going for. I really though I would go with alot of black and white photos but the colors are just to beautiful to hide!

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Of course I caught her smiling as well! There were times where she had trouble not smiling. Her smile is so big and beautiful, I love it!

vintage bride pictures

The all important ring shot! I simply laid her single rose down on the walkway and put her ring in it and it was perfect. I love the classic and simple beauty of this picture.

wedding ring photography


And this moment with her daughter! All I said was give mommy and kiss and they gave me this!! Seriously I could not have posed them better than what they naturally did!

wedding photographer mother and daughter

She was amazing to work with and the botanical gardens was a great place! Megan Carver did an amazing job on hair and make up!!

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